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LEGO to 'intensify' environmental work following WWF deal

Firm will cut energy use 10 per cent by 2016

The LEGO Group has signed a partnership with WWF to 'intensify' its environmental work, with an increased focus on collaboration with suppliers to reduce total carbon emissions.
The deal will see the LEGO Group initiate test projects together with suppliers to co-create best solutions to address the supply chain carbon emission impact in 2014 and the firm wishes to produce more renewable energy than it consumes.
The company will also work with an environmental strategy for materials which could include producing products using fewer materials, keeping the recyclability high and using renewable or recycled materials.
Elsewhere, LEGO 'will look into how it can best innovate its products to be more sustainable' and has pledged to cut the energy used to manufacture one tonne of LEGO elements by 10 per cent by 2016.